ICON ECI Fund Sixteen

ICON ECI Fund Sixteen ("Fund Sixteen") is an equipment focused credit fund that seeks to make debt and debt-like investments in domestic and international, public and private companies in asset-intensive industries.  These investments will be collateralized by the equipment and corporate infrastructure, or collectively the "Capital Assets," of a company that are deemed crucial to that company's operations.

Investment Objectives:

  • Preserve investors' capital
  • Provide cash distributions
  • Provide a favorable total return

Offering Profile:

  • Fund offering size:  $250,000,000
  • Price per share:  Class A:  $1,000  Class I:  $930
  • Investment minimums:  Class A:  $5,000   Class I:  $5,000 through wrap accounts / $100,000 through non-wrap accounts
  • Length of program: Anticipated to be at least 9 years
  • Suitability:  $70,000 income plus $70,000 net worth; or $250,000 net worth*
  • Reporting:  Quarterly portfolio overviews

*Net worth is exclusive of home, home furnishings and personal automobiles.  To the extent that any state has a different suitability requirement than that stated above, that particular state's guidelines must be met.  Please consult the Fund Sixteen prospectus for state-specific requirements.

Offering Documents

ICON Investments Funds are only available through participating Broker/Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors.  If you are interested in learning whether alternative investments are suitable for your investment needs, please contact your financial advisor.

ICON ECI Fund Sixteen Standard Prospectus - Includes all supplements

ICON ECI Fund Sixteen Standard Prospectus - Alabama Investor
ICON ECI Fund Sixteen Subscription Agreement *
ICON ECI Fund Sixteen Subscription Agreement - Alabama Investor*

* The supplied subscription agreement may only be used by a registered representative or registered investment advisor in conjunction with a prospectus.  ICON Securities, LLC does not conduct any direct sales of securities nor provide any investment advice or consultation to potential investors. 

ICON Capital, LLC is the investment manager of ICON ECI Fund Sixteen (“Fund Sixteen").  Please read the Fund Sixteen prospectus carefully prior to making any investment decision and consider the risks, charges, expenses and other important information described therein.  Investment in any security involves risk and may lose value.  ICON Securities, LLC does not offer tax, legal, investment, or accounting advice.  Please consult an appropriate professional for advice in these areas.

Current offerings may not be registered for sale in all jurisdictions. Interested parties should request additional information through selling broker/dealers with whom ICON Securities, LLC has an active selling dealer agreement. To locate a participating selling broker/dealer in your jurisdiction, please contact ICON Securities, LLC.

Risks and limitations include, but are not limited to, the following: a portion of distributions may be a return of capital; illiquidity of shares; offering price is not representative of share value; finance industry uncertainties may have adverse affects; greater losses may result from defaults due to leveraging; limited voting rights; possible UBIT for tax-exempt organizations; subject to conflicts of interest amongst affiliates; substantial fees to affiliates. 

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